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Tools used for creating custom violins, cellos and violas

Trials & Commissions

Commissions: A high-quality commissioned instrument can fulfill a player's performance and aesthetic requirements at a fraction of the cost of older instruments. As new instruments typically last well beyond their original purchaser's lifespan before needing any major work, costs of maintenance are small when compared to older instruments, which can require frequent and expensive repairs. Many players are pleasantly surprised at new instruments' generally superior ability to project in a hall, a feature many older instruments have lost and will never recover.

I work closely with my clients for the first year or two, and welcome all feedback on their new instruments. It is important during this period that the instrument be kept in good adjustment. I charge no fee for acoustic adjustments, whenever needed, other than shipping charges, for the life of the instrument. New instruments are very pliable; properly nurtured and cared for, they can develop into ideally-matched partners for their owners.

Commissioned instruments come with a two-week trial period. Following the trial the instrument may be purchased, or a second instrument may be requested for trial. An initial deposit, usually 5%, is partially refundable should you decide not to purchase either instrument.

Trials: Non-commissioned instruments may be borrowed for a one-week trial, as available, on a first-come first-serve basis.