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Howard Needham String Instrument Gallery

My Instruments: Most of my violins are patterned on the 1737 “Joachim” del Gesu or the 1716 “Medici” Strad violins. For cellos, I prefer a model based on an 1854 instrument by Guiseppe Rocca; I also occasionally use a mold based on the “Duport” Stradivari cello. My violas are based on the “Conte Vitale” Andrea Guarneri of 1676 (with a back length of 16 316 inches), and a 16 ½-inch variation of the same instrument. I also welcome inquiries regarding commissioned copies of other instruments.

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Featured Instrument

2010 "Joachim" Guarneri del Gesu Violin


2007 "Medici" Stradivari Violin

2006 "du Diable" Guarneri del Gesu Violin

2002 "Joachim" Guarneri del Gesu Violin

2002 "Medici" Stradivari Violin

2001 "Betts" Stradivari Violin

1995 "Betts" Stradivari Violin


2010 "Duport" Stradivari Cello


2005 "Conte Vitale" Andrea Guarneri Viola